John Rees

I’m a multi-skilled sole practitioner delivering a reliable, professional service across a wide range of home repairs and maintenance. An increase in specialised tradesmen often means it takes a number of

people to complete a simple project. Frustrating? I’ve found that it can be.

You will see from my list of services that I am able to tackle a range of projects and repairs across different specialist areas. I can also work my way through your long list of odd jobs and general tasks if that’s what you need. Whatever you need for your home repairs or upkeep, however big or small the job might seem, I am happy to discuss it with you, providing a no-frills quote.

Attention to you, what you need, and the task in hand

Outstanding workmanship, personal conduct and professional standards

Agreeing with you what, when and at what price - and sticking by it

Doing things right as a matter of principle and personal pride

For you, your home and all those things, which are important to you


I strive to deliver an exceptional service, at an agreed price and within an agreed timeframe. When I begin to work for you, my attention will be on your project from start to finish – not on other tasks or clients.

My business centres around complete attention to what you need, uncompromising standards of workmanship and conduct, and commitment to getting it right first time, every time.

What does this mean for you?

I have designed my service around the things that are important to my customers and my own Core Values. It’s important to me that you can trust me, and be proud of the way that work in your home is undertaken.

Because of that I will:

  • quote only for work I am technically competent to carry out
  • always propose the most cost-effective solutions that are consistent with high quality and absolute standards of safety
  • honour my quote
  • do my utmost to commence work at the time and date agree
  • notify you as soon as practicably possible of any unexpected delays
  • attend consecutively until completion once I start a job, unless there is a need for drying or curing between phases of work
  • leave all work areas immaculate at the end of the working day and on completion of the job
  • treat my word as my bond
  • uphold the letter and spirit of the law and regulation in all my business dealings
  • support local business wherever possible by sourcing supplies locally and ethically
  • dispose of all waste in an environmentally responsible manner
  • treat you and your property with the same respect and care as I would expect for myself
  • deal promptly with any dissatisfaction in a courteous, respectful and objective manner
  • seek your views on the quality of service received and provide a forum for feedback on my website